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Take full control of virtually every aspect of your site through your own customized web based Control Panel.

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Need to add an email account? Password protect a directory? Create a mailing list? Manage your secure server? It's all here, in one easy-to-use web page - your website's Control Panel.

The Ozehosts online Control Panel allows webmasters to perform most administrative functions directly - and in most cases even without any further intervention by Ozehost's support staff. Email accounts, forwarding and auto-responders all can be customised in a matter of seconds to fit any given need.

Thanks to the Control Panel, it can all be done in real time, when you need it.

Best of all, you can use the Control Panel to obtain information and statistics about your website in a snap. The Control Panel keeps track of how much disk space your site is currently using, how much data transfer has occurred, and how many email addresses are free or in use. It will even email you when your site rises beyond a certain volume of traffic, or when disk space levels that you set are exceeded.

Want to find out how much site traffic you're getting?

The Control Panel's outstanding statistical reporting features will tell you almost anything you want to know! You get information on categories like hit counts, session counts, page views, download information, and more - right up to the minute, or going back over the entire history of your site! You also get information on what web sites are sending the most visitors to your site, what times of the day or days of the week visitors come to your site the most, even what countries are delivering the most visitors! And you can find out if visitors are hitting 404-File Not Found errors on your site, and what pages they encountered the error from.

As you can see, the Ozehosts Control Panel truly gives webmasters real power over their sites - any time they need it!



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