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CGI Installation & Server Paths:

Note: These are general guidelines for installing Perl Scripts. Refer to the readme file that came with your specific script for more information.

To install your Perl scripts, follow these steps:

Open the script files with an editor such as Notepad and make sure that the server paths are correctly entered (See Server Paths below.)

Upload the script files to your server in ASCII mode. The script will not work if you upload the files in BINARY mode. You need to place the script files in the public_html sub-directory named "cgi-bin".

Change the permissions for your script files. Most scripts require that you make them executable. Many FTP applications allow you to change a file to executable by right-clicking the file on the remote system and clicking CHMOD (Refer to the readme file that came with the script for more information on CHMOD settings.)

Server Paths:

Path to Perl:

Path to PHP:

Path to Sendmail:

Path to Date:

Full path to your domain:
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