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Files in Your Account:

When you initially log into the root of your account, depending upon the method in which you choose to log in, you will see various hidden files and directories, among them, the two that hold the most importance are the public_html and public_ftp directories.

Do not delete or rename any of these directories or any hidden files that you may find. These directories are automatically setup by the system and required in order for your hosting account to function properly. Deleting or renaming any of them will cause fatal errors that can only be repaired by deleting and resetting your account. Deleting and resetting your account will inadvertently cause you to experience DNS problems, these problems are not something that can be manually fixed, as they can only work themselves out in an unpredictable amount of time.

Of these directories, the most important to you is the public_html directory. This is the directory where you will upload your web pages and create other sub-directories that will pertain to your website and be viewable from your web browser.

Your site will not be viewable on a web browser unless the files are uploaded to the public_html directory.

Upon entering your public_html directory, you will see only one directory, which is your cgi-bin. This is the directory where you will upload your cgi scripts.

Do not delete of rename your cgi-bin directory.

As you add features from your Control Panel, the system will automatically create other directories within this area. Any and all sub-directories and/or files created by the system are required by the system and should not be deleted or altered in any way. The index.html page is the default entry page for your account and this file should be replaced by one of your own design.

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