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Publishing with FrontPage 98

Important: Before you can publish directly from FrontPage you will need to install FrontPage Extensions on your account. To install the FrontPage extensions login to your control panel, click on "FrontPage Extensions" on the bottom of the control panel screen and follow the instructions.

To publish your site with FrontPage 98, follow these steps:

Open FrontPage Explorer, not the editor, and click on File.

Click Publish FrontPage Web. The box bellow will appear:

Note: If you are publishing your site for the first time, make sure that "Publish changed pages only" is unchecked.

Click on More Webs. The box bellow will appear:

Enter your domain name as shown above or your IP address and click OK. You will be prompted to enter your username and password:

Enter your username and password.

Click OK. FrontPage will now publish your site. This can take several minutes depending on the amount and size of your files.


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