Online Help Manual:


Uploading Files with FTP:

When you open your FTP software you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click NEW. You will get a blank screen to setup and use as your connection to your site.

Enter the following information:

Profile Name: You can enter anything here. This is just used by the FTP software to store and save your configuration.

Host Name: Your Domain Name or IP address (if your name is not registered or if you are transferring your Domain to our service, you may need to use the IP ADDRESS until the name is propagated throughout the different Domain Name Servers available on the Internet.)

Host Type: Set it to Automatic Detect

User ID: Enter your username. This can be the username we sent you at sign-up, or it can be the username of any FTP user you created in your control panel. (Remember that usernames are case-sensitive!)

Password: Enter the password for the user.
(The password is case-sensitive!). Check the "save password" box if you don't want to have to keep entering your password every time.

Click OK. Your FTP Software should now login to your site.

Upload your files to the public_html directory.

Your site will not be viewable on a web browser unless the files are uploaded to the public_html directory.

Note: You should name your main (home) page 'index.htm' or 'index.html' (all lowercase) file names on UNIX machines are case-sensitive, make sure that your links and filenames match exactly.

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