Online Help Manual:


How to View Your Pages:

If your domain name has not been transferred to our servers you can see your pages by using your IP address as follows: http://your_IP_address/

If the hosting plan you ordered does not include a unique IP address, you WILL NOT be able to see your pages with a browser by typing your IP address; however, you may do so by going to the following URL: http://your_IP_address/~your_username/

Be sure to include the forward slash at the end of these two URLs. If your domain has been transferred and is live on our servers, you can view your pages with any browser by typing any of the following in your browser:

If you are getting an error when typing the above, several things could have gone wrong, these are as follows:

Your initial page is not named index.htm or index.html
The code in your index page is incorrect
The registration/transfer request for your domain has not been completed.

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