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Outlook 97 Setup

To configure Microsoft Outlook 97 to receive email, follow these steps:

Open Outlook 97, click on Tools and then choose Services.The following box will appear:

Click Add. The following box appears:

Make sure "Internet Mail" is highlighted and click OK. The following box appears:

Enter the following information:

Full name: Type in the name that you would like to appear in the from field of your outgoing messages.

E-mail Address: Enter your email address. For example,

Internet Mail server:
Enter For example, if your domain is enter (do not enter or

Account name: Enter your hosting account username if you want to check the email for the "default email account", or enter the full email address of an email account you created in your control panel (See Email Options.) In the "Password" field enter the password.

Password: Your password.

Click OK.

Your Outlook 97 email configuration is now complete.

You will need to restart Outlook 97 before you can start sending and receiving email.


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